H&FE commercial debts

Commercial Debt Recovery

In addition to student debt collection, STA has a separate specialist team collecting overdue commercial debts in our name and recovering receivables in your name. To date, we’ve recovered commercial debts for training, research services, sponsorship, campus office space, recruitment and many others at home and overseas. We add our costs and late payment interest to your principal sum outstanding, often resulting in a free-of-charge service.

Using STA Int Favicon to recover your commercial debts gives you:

Informed collections based on your debtor’s ability to pay
Costs and interest added to your overdue invoices
Free-of-charge recovery when your debtor pays our costs
Collaborative collections to protect your brand and reputation
Rapid recovery with 30 day review if payment remains outstanding
24/7 access to Your Debts Online, where you can see exactly what we are doing
Your collected funds remitted weekly by BACS.

Confidential Credit Control

With our receivables management early intervention service, you can minimise and even stop late payments. In addition, you can outsource all or part of your commercial ledger temporarily or permanently to suit your resource levels, seasonal spikes and cash flow situation. All contact is in your name, providing confidentiality, with all payments made directly to your bank account.

What can you expect from outsourcing your commercial ledger?

Confidential and transparent, all contact in your name
Improves your cash flow and customer retention
Protects your brand and reputation
Substitutes your lack of credit control staff
Overcomes your staff recruitment problems
Assures you have specialist B2B experience
Educates your customers to pay on time every time

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