Can directors be held liable for a limited company’s debts?

Late Payment Charges: The Rules for UK Businesses

Late payments can be a difficult subject to get a handle on. Although the late payment legislation laid out by the government is relatively straightforward, there can still be some confusion about when a payment is specified as being late, how much can be claimed back and what form that compensation would take..

Common late payment excuses

5 common late payment excuses (and how to handle them)

Late payment of invoices can have a severe impact on your business’ cash flow. Take a look at our 5 most common excuses for late payment, and how to resolve them.

Cashflow Management for small businesses

Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses

Good cash flow management is essential to any business. Our downloadable pdf guide includes advice and practical tips on everything from creating a cash flow forecast to how to chase late payments.

Getting Your Invoice Right

Getting Your Invoice Right

Learn how to write an invoice and get yours right! Easy guide to the invoice information that is legally required, essential, and recommended best practice.

Recover debts without alienating customers

How can I recover debts without alienating valued customers?

It is best practice to stop late payment happening in the first place by ensuring that you have a robust credit control process in place..

Credit Control FAQs

Credit Control Frequently Asked Questions

Is your business waiting on late payments? For answers to your questions about late payments, compensation and legal action, please consult the following FAQs. For additional information, do not hesitate to contact STA International.
How to charge statutory interest

How to Claim Statutory Interest on your Debts

The late payment of commercial debts is a problem that affects many businesses. It can have a negative effect on their cash flow and their productivity.

Recovering debts from outside the UK

How to Recover Debt from Outside the UK

When you are chasing a late payment, it is difficult enough to deal with customers in the UK, let alone those located around the world. Different languages, laws, payment regulations and customs combine to make these situations much harder to resolve..

Spot a bad debt before it happens

How to spot a bad debt before it happens

One of the biggest killers of a business’s time and resources is the chasing of debts, especially when the customer who owes them hasn’t got the means to pay. This is extremely frustrating, especially when you believe that they are willing to pay and capable of doing so.

Tackling disputed invoices

How to tackle a disputed invoice

Getting paid is one of the biggest challenges a small business faces – when the smallest delay can turn a positive cash flow into a negative one, accounts departments have to chase up late invoices as soon as they become late

Late Payment Charges

Can directors be held liable for a limited company’s debts?

Although you’d hope it would never come to pass, many limited companies end up becoming insolvent due to incurring amounts of debt that are greater than the sum of their assets. Can their directors be held personally liable for the situation, though?

Recovering business debt in county court

What Options are Offered at County Court for Recovering Business Debt?

Taking a person or organisation to court is a serious step, and one that you should only use when you genuinely feel that you have no other choice..

Brexit result a windfall for businesses with debts abroad

Brexit result a windfall for businesses with debts abroad

If you’re selling products or services abroad the unexpected EU referendum result, and currency fluctuations that followed, could work to your advantage. Discover how the EU referendum result affects your overseas debts, and how to take advantage.

How to check credit worthiness of your customers

How to check the credit worthiness of your customers

It is vital that you check the credit worthiness of a business asking you to extend credit terms: Can they afford to pay your invoice, and what’s their track record paying other suppliers?