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Commercial Debt Collection

Debt Collection, Credit Control and Tracing made easy

We have more than 60 years’ experience in UK and International Debt Recovery, Credit Control and Tracing. We complement our traditional values with technical innovation and accountability that have earned us acclaim and award as a leading UK Debt Collection Agency.

Debt collection is fast and cost-effective with STA International’s award-winning services. For UK-based business debts, we always try to recover interest and collection costs as well as your principal debt. With our experience, reputation and technical skills you are free to focus on other business priorities as we collect your overdue accounts.

Along with UK Business Debt Collection we also offer International Business Debt Collection, Student Debt Collection, B2C Debt Collection and Confidential Credit Control. Our Tracing service also means that debt recovery can start, or resume, for your absconded customer. All these services are ISO9001 quality accredited, and we are Corporate Collector Accredited by the Credit Services Association.

    UK and International Debt Collection

    In addition to our specialist UK collectors, we have an International Cash Collection Team employing native foreign language speakers, and these collectors form the cornerstone of our success. In the last 12 months, we have recovered debts from 135 countries worldwide.

    STA International’s collection efforts include letters, telephone calls, interactive voice, and text messages, faxes and e-mails followed, as needed, by legal recovery.

    Confidential Credit Control

    Whether you are an SME lacking the funds to hire a full-time credit controller; a big business with lots of small accounts, or multiple overseas accounts, Confidential Credit Control can work for you. We act entirely in your name as your outsourced credit control department so that your customer believes they are dealing directly with you.

    Pre-due calls tease-out any queries and confirm a payment date. Due and post-due calls press for payment and escalate to your customer’s senior management if default continues. The improvement in cash flow and reduction in overdue accounts makes the cost of outsourcing credit control self-funding.

    Skip Tracing

    Our skip tracing investigators all have access to credit reference agency databases, plus the technology and software required to support the tracing process.

    To ensure the highest quality of results, they then confirm their findings by telephone, before placing your customer back in collections to recover the outstanding debt.


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