Legislation and common-practice influence and challenge the work-life of our H&FE clients. Having the opportunity to share these challenges with others is both reassuring and educational. To do this, we facilitate bi-annual University Discussion Forums (UDF) in Birmingham, Cheltenham, London, Manchester, and Glasgow, attended by clients involved in for AR; Credit Control; Treasury; Student fees; Income and Finance, and clients from independent student accommodation providers.

COVID-19 meant the cancellation of discussion forums across the country in 2020. We are hopeful that 2021 will see us return to our usual schedule meeting twice each year in six different locations.

Virtual forums substituted for the real meetings, providing a new and welcome form of communication in 2020, where the unique challenges caused by the pandemic provided many discussion topics. These discussions included working-from-home, sanction relaxation for re-enrolling and new students, international students distance learning, blended learning situations, increased instalment plans, and accommodation under-utilisation, to name just a few.

Since UDFs began in December 2008, interest and enthusiasm for them has grown:

Discussion Forums
Universities represented
Delegates attending

Naturally, discussion topics evolve with time, just as many of them are resolved with collaborative solutions, such as out-of-hours arrears recovery to mitigate the removal of sanctions by the OFT, and the introduction of credit control training to meet HEIs desire for sector-specific solutions.

In the winter 2019 series, the most discussed topics were:

Fraudulent card payments
Ratio of Finance staff to student numbers
Direct currency conversion
Vulnerable students

Cashless campus Enforcing CCJs
Handling small invoices
Money laundering and cyber fraud

Experts in the HE sector attending the forums include:

  • Chartered Institute of Credit Management
  • Student Loans Company
  • Travelex


Feedback from attendees at the Winter 2019 included:

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