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Client: Top 20 University

Commercial Debt
Debt Amount: £81,500 plus Interest & Compensation in line with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act £6,875
Paid in full


  • 15 telephone conversations
  • 5 emails to debtor company
  • 3 emails from debtor company


Client exhausted all efforts to collect. STA made several calls before identifying somebody in the Police Force finance department willing to help process the invoices for payment. The only barrier to payment was an internal dispute between two different forces and what departmental budget should bear the cost. After much deliberation the parties agreed who was responsible and we received payment of the principle amount £81,500. We continued to pursue Interest & Compensation in line with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and one month later received full payment of £6,875 for Interest & Compensation.


Client: New small provincial University

Domestic Student
Debt: £750
Debt placed in August, 2018 and paying by instalments


  • 2 dialler attempts to secure a connect
  • 9 telephone conversations
  • 2 consented emails to debtor
  • 11 letters
  • 8 instalment payments
  • 4 instalment defaults


Early contact made with student who completed a Financial Statement and demonstrated £30 available income after expenses, per month; background, lower social economic group and living on benefits. The student paid £30 in month 1 followed in month 2 by £20 reflecting the student’s deteriorating financial position. The student has defaulted four times and their situation has not improved, now in arrangement to pay £10 per month with a financial review scheduled for May 2019.


Client: Top Twenty University

Overseas Student living in Saudi Arabia
Debt: >£12,000
Debt placed in November 2017 and Paid in full March 2018.


  • 25 dialler attempts at different times and days to secure a connect
  • 12 telephone conversations
  • 15 consented emails to debtor
  • 10 emails from debtor
  • 2 Letters


Our client exhausted all efforts to collect the debt for a course fee billed in August, 2016. The student’s government sponsor failed to process payment. STA made many efforts to contact the sponsor who eventually responded. The sponsor had a passive attitude to resolving the matter so we acted in a strong and assertive manner, consistently communicating and maintaining pressure on the sponsor following each failure to give payment details, and emphasised the escalation should payment not be made. Eventually, and after much advice and prompting from STA on how to hasten matters from payment approval to payment process; the papers transferred from the military’s training department to the Ministry of the Interior and a cheque sent to our client.

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