Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is central to our consumer collections strategy, with processes designed to maximise liquidity in a way that nurtures agreeable customer outcomes, and protects vulnerable customers. In practice, we’ve seen this is not only fair, but ultimately achieves far better results for all parties.


We understand and support the need for compliance; it is vital in the Debt Collection sector that manages client cash and its customers. Controlled dialling and written communication, including periodic review of payment arrangements, ensure customers are never harassed by outbound contact; with clear and regular instructions given to customers that want to contact us. Should complaints arise, embedded monitoring and root cause assessment lead to preventative and corrective actions that shape our revised approach.

We are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised and regulated, and members of the Credit Services Association (CSA). We have attained other standards and processes to give the highest quality of service. These include ISO9001 quality accreditation and Corporate Collector Accreditation from the CSA; all supported by a training manager to make certain we always act ethically, and abide by the principles of TCF.


Customer circumstances can vary so we’ve developed and refined collection strategies that deliver the best possible results to fit the circumstances. Good communication is central to achieving this. With flexible and multi-channel approaches, we optimise engagement time with customers: encouraging openness, sign-posting those needing advice, postponing our actions as they do so, always heeding a change of customer circumstances. All leading to more positive outcomes.


Complementing clients’ credit control departments demands complete transparency. Our reporting system provides 24/7 remote access for auditing purposes, and we record all telephone calls. Our customer care and compliance teams are always available to give detailed information about any aspect of our account handling.