STA is a leading provider of debt collection, trace, litigation, and BPO services across the retail sector, including utilities, insurance, healthcare, finance, media, telecoms, and travel. We work closely with debt purchasing and panel management companies, collecting first, second, and tertiary debts.

Our Glasgow contact centre and Maidstone client and customer services team deliver our commitment to excellence, innovation, and an ethical approach to collections.

We support our collection agents with the latest technology to increase contact rates, digital and traditional communication strategies and payment arrangements to satisfy all customer types: This approach leads to the highest possible collection success for clients in the fastest possible time.

We are proud to be a leader in driving best practice, and our tailored approach to each of our clients ensures that the best outcomes for them and their customers are at the forefront of every decision we make.

With our dedicated, trained, and highly experienced collections teams and our innovative approach to technology and customer engagement, we aim to ensure client satisfaction: Minimising bad debt write-off, maximising return-on-investment.

Treating Customers Fairly

The Treating Customers Fairly policy (TCF) is central to our consumer collections, with processes designed to nurture agreeable customer outcomes and protect vulnerable customers.

We never harass customers, with controlled dialling and digital or written communication from outbound contact, with clear and regular instructions given to those that want to contact us. Should complaints arise, monitoring and assessment measures enable us to revise our approach by introducing preventative and corrective actions.

Communication and Reporting

Excellent customer communication is central to achieving the best possible results. With flexible, multi-channel approaches, we optimise engagement time with customers: Encouraging openness, offering recommendations, postponing our actions if necessary, and always paying attention to a change of customer circumstances.

Responsible client communication includes every conceivable reporting option from tracking collection success by batch to measuring performance by collection strategy.

As an STA debt collection client, you will have access to ‘Your Debts Online’ (YDO).

YDO gives you a clear view of what we are doing with the accounts you place with us for collection. Secure password-protected, you can see our overall collection success; the status of every debt, including agent notes, your invoices and statements, and the charges made on each account placed.

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Your Debts Online

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