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We have seen a 25% increase in the number of European commercial debts placed with us since the Brexit vote: France, Germany, Italy, and Spain represent our top four collection success markets in 2017. We recover overdue accounts in the UK’s biggest export markets thanks to our French, German, Italian and Spanish foreign national collectors based in our Maidstone offices. Our parent company is New York based, assisting us with our fifth largest collection country, the United States.

We collected from 135 different countries in 2017, with 77% of all recoveries coming directly from our efforts in Maidstone. Supporting us is the European Collectors Association (ECA) where STA is the elected, and only UK member, providing tried and tested cover across Europe; in the rest of the world, our appointed agents offer expert cover. By collecting four-in-five international debt ourselves, you save the time and additional cost of transferring your account to our overseas agents.


To summarise, entrusting STA with your unpaid international accounts, gives you:

Global coverage with successful collections in 135 countries during 2017
Foreign national collectors in Maidstone for the UK’s top European export markets
77% of international collections made from the UK; saving you the additional cost of overseas offices and agents, and speeding up the recovery time
Access to our own offices in USA and Mexico
70 affiliate offices covering every continent
24/7 access to Your Debts Online, where you can see exactly what we are doing
Your collected funds remitted every two weeks by BACS.

France tops our 2017 international debt collection success league

Demand for international collection continues to grow with Europe dominating the instructions we receive: including a 25% increase in EU debts placed in the year since the Brexit vote.

In 2017 our collection success reached record levels. This was due in part to 364 new client account acquisitions in the 12 months. Below, you can see the share of international debt collection by continent, and three league tables of the top 10 countries that we collected from for our clients.

  • We collected the most from the France, with Germany in second place, leaving Italy and Spain to take the third and fourth spots respectively. Surprisingly, Argentina and Poland make the top ten for the first time following very large recoveries in each case.
  • India came top in the placement value list, with UAE and USA completing the top three. 
  • USA topped the placement volume list, and below it; Poland and Canada making their first appearances in the table.