The much reported ‘payment culture’ in the UK sees more-and-more businesses highlighting late payment as their biggest commercial challenge and a significant threat to their trading success. With accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) having separate and conflicting objectives, is this surprising? No, because with its debtors paying later and later, firms will pay creditor invoices late to balance cash flow.

Credit reference agencies provide you with information about your buyers; they even give you a credit opinion, and sometimes payment data, all designed to advise and alert you of risk. Sadly, when your buyer’s key account fails to pay them on time, your invoice may drop down the priority list for payment too. Now, despite your best endeavours, your cash flow suffers, and your risk increases.

How long do you wait for payment? Evidence shows that the chances of being paid decrease over time; at 90 days past due you are 50% less likely to be paid. What are your options?

Referring overdue accounts to a third party is one such option, and it comes with benefits. The benefits include extra resource; dedicated collection effort; time to focus on other tasks; free-of-charge debt recovery; educates your buyer to pay on time in future, and improves your cash flow. For your UK business accounts, we add our collection costs, and interest, to the sum outstanding using the Late Payment Act, recovering these 50% of the time.


Our collectors understand the principle that companies owe money, but people pay bills. STA has attained Corporate Collector Accreditation from the Credit Services Association who said: “..This standard demonstrates the professionalism of your collectors and organisation, benchmarked against the highest industry standards.”


We are ISO 9001 quality accredited for all of our services, including business to business debt collection; sole UK member of the European Collectors Association; members of the Credit Services Association, and Financial Conduct Authority authorised and regulated.


We recognise that every debtor company is different, and that’s why we negotiate with each one according to their solvency and liquidity


Our clients’ have their appointed collector as well as a customer services contact


We offer 24/7 online reporting to both open and closed debts, with success rates, invoices, and individual debt charges, keeping you in control.

Status & Accreditations.

CSA Code of Practice

STA International is a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA), the only national association in the UK for companies active in relation to unpaid credit accounts, debt recovery agencies and tracing services, and adheres to its Code of Practice.

ISO 9001 Quality Accredited

Our commitment to our customers is unparalleled in the collection industry. We have implemented and maintain a quality management system to ensure and continually improve customer satisfaction through measured improvements in our business processes.

Cyber Essentials

STA has Cyber Essentials certification (number IASME-CE-012685). Cyber Essentials is a badge of honour that shows a company has taken the time to consider all aspects of its IT systems – ensuring that they are installed and configured in an acceptably secure way minimising the risk of suffering a cyber security incident. Developed by the UK Government in response to a growing cyber threat, the certification is a mandatory requirement for all Government supply chains and an increasing number of Commercial tenders.

Full transparency.

As an STA debt collection client, you will have access to ‘Your Debts Online’ (YDO).

YDO gives you a clear view of what we are doing with the accounts you place with us for collection. Secure password-protected, you can see our overall collection success; the status of every debt, including agent notes, your invoices and statements, and the charges made on each account placed.

Find out more about Your Debts Online