An increasing number of businesses highlight late payment as their biggest commercial challenge and a significant threat to their trading success. Long overdue and high-value invoices can have a significant impact on your cash flow.

How long do you wait for payment? Evidence shows that the chances of being paid decrease over time; our own research shows that at 90 days past payment terms you are 50% less likely to be paid.

That’s where our no collection, no commission business debt recovery service comes in. Removing the stress from your credit control department and allowing you to concentrate on new invoices.

The benefits include:

  • Extra resource
  • A dedicated and experienced debt collection effort
  • Time to focus on other important tasks
  • Free-of-charge debt recovery*
  • Educate your buyer to pay on time in future
  • An improvement in your cash flow

*For your UK business accounts, we add our collection costs and debt interest to the sum outstanding using the Late Payment Act, and recover these 50% of the time.

Whether you have one difficult customer who’s refusing to pay, a large number of overdue invoices consuming too much of your time or are even looking to outsource your credit control department, we’re confident we’ll be your ideal debt recovery partner.

B2B Debt Collection

Why use our commercial debt collection service?


Our collectors understand the principle that companies owe money, but people pay bills. STA has Corporate Collector Accreditation from the Credit Services Association who said: “..This standard demonstrates the professionalism of your collectors and organisation, benchmarked against the highest industry standards.”


We are ISO 9001 quality accredited for all of our services, including business to business debt collection. We’re the sole UK debt collection agency of the European Collectors Association, members of the Credit Services Association, and Financial Conduct Authority authorised and regulated.


We recognise that every debtor company is different, and that’s why we negotiate with each one according to their solvency and liquidity. We collect debt for companies from SMEs and sole traders to FTSE 100 listed businesses.


Our clients’ have their appointed collector following a bespoke and in-depth collection process, as well as a customer services contact.


We offer 24/7 online reporting to both open and closed debts, with success rates, invoices, and individual debt charges, keeping you in control.

Status & Accreditations.

CSA Code of Practice

Credit Services Association

STA International is a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA), and adheres to its Code of Practice. The CSA is the only national association in the UK for companies active in relation to unpaid credit accounts, debt recovery agencies and tracing services.

ISO 9001 Quality Accredited

ISO 9001

Our commitment to our customers is unparalleled in the collection industry. We have implemented and maintain a quality management system to ensure and continually improve customer satisfaction through measured improvements in our business processes.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed and industry-supported scheme that helps businesses protect themselves against the growing threat of cyber attacks and provides a clear statement of the basic controls organisations should have in place to protect themselves.

Full transparency.

As an STA business debt collection client, you will have access to ‘Your Debts Online’ (YDO).

YDO gives you a clear view of what we are doing with the accounts you place with us for collection. You can see our overall collection success: the status of every debt – including agent notes – your invoices and statements, and the charges made on each account placed.

Find out more about Your Debts Online

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“..In a recent French case, we were doubtful STA could succeed when, in fact, in 90 days, we received the £45,000 outstanding, and STA recovered 50% of their costs as well. This success is just another example of why we have such confidence in using STA and building strong relationships.”

Selfridges & Co.

Find out how STA International can help you in recovering debts and free up time for other important day to day tasks

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