Credit management is one of the most important aspects of running a business – making sure your customers get prompt and accurate invoices; collecting the invoice as close to your payment terms as possible: Making sure to maximise your cash flow.

For any business, however, credit management is time-consuming, especially when the same issues crop up every time you chase your customer for payment.
Our extensive knowledge and experience of debt collection makes us the perfect partner for your business, not least because we fit in with the way you work and carry out your credit management – our skills are essentially tailored to your business needs. Our team is extremely experienced when it comes to negotiating payments with difficult customers in an amicable manner so that your relationship isn’t damaged.

STAs work on your behalf is always completely transparent – it’s your money we’re handling, so you need confidence that we’re doing the right thing with your money. With the ‘Your Debts Online’ monitoring programme, you stay in control of what’s happening on a 24/7 basis.

Outsourcing all or part of your credit management processes to STA International could be the solution that allows you to refocus on other areas that need your close attention.

Skip tracing

Persistent late payers often skip address to avoid creditors, but they tend to leave an electronic trail somewhere, regardless of how careful they think they’re being. Skilled tracers can find them again and get their new address back to you, or to our collections team, to start or resume recovery actions.

Skip tracing is one of the most important services that STA offers because of the high number of people who change address and avoid paying what they owe. Our investigators all have access to credit reference agency databases, plus the technology and software required to support the tracing process. We always remember that we’re working on behalf of our client, so every technique we use is legal and ethical.

The global network of STA offices and agents comes into its own for international tracing, because we can negotiate each country’s unique data protection rules and databases. This offers us a major advantage over other tracers whose global reach doesn’t stretch that far.

Confidential credit control

Credit control and account keeping is very easy to mismanage, whether you are an SME, a big business or a company that has multiple overseas accounts.

We can act in your name as your outsourced credit control department so that your customers believe they are dealing directly with you. Our experience and knowledge of this area of business means that we can take care of any issues that might arise quickly and efficiently, while managing the rest of your credit control without fuss at all other times.

Our credit control measures can improve cash flow and cut the number of overdue accounts with our clients, easily self-funding the cost of outsourcing.