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Outsourced credit control that delivers to terms

Outsourced credit control

Regarding receivables outsourcing or confidential credit control, where we call in the client name as their credit control department, our expertise is in our professional credit control processes and procedures backed-up by our bespoke query management software. Our mantra is big companies do not withhold payment unless there is a query. Where we resolve the query and reconcile the account, then payment invariably follows, no matter the business sector we support:


  • Multinational voice and data communications provider selling to medium and/ large businesses with complex billing across 16 countries throughout the EMEA region;
  • National manufacturer and distributor of heating equipment selling to major builders merchants (Wolsey / Travis Perkins / Jewson etc.) with daily, multi-line and multi-point invoicing;
  • International flat-pack furniture retailer selling on credit terms to local authorities and schools;
  • Professional medical services organisation helping collect membership fees and event management;
  • National emergency response clean-up business following a fire, flood or other trauma, dealing with insurers and facilities management companies;
  • Aggregate shopping website that supplies high street retailers and advertising agencies.


These are diverse businesses offering a multitude of products and services but with one thing in common, disputed and queried billing, whether this is short deliveries, data outages, retentions and vat queries, numbers of website hits, etc.

Regardless of the business type, we provide a solution through query resolution, account reconciliation, and tenacious credit control.

We visit interested parties to go through their, and our, systems and processes, leading to a Project Implementation Plan (PIP) that includes the workflow to satisfy client expectations. The PIP contains an Invoice Dispute document detailing the dispute types you encounter, and the action required, as well as a Query Management system where we place transactions on hold pending the client response. Clients log on to our Query Management system to respond, and monitor our progress on   Your Receivables Online (YRO) and generate performance reports.

Essentially, we develop working practises tailored to our clients’ requirements that results in a significant improvement in the speed and overall collection success of the sales ledgers we manage.

DSO = 31 days
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