Confidential credit control

Good credit control reduces risk, increases cash flow, and builds business confidence. Recruiting, training, and keeping expert credit controllers are essential to maintain good credit control. What can you do when you are short of credit controllers, or when you acquire another business, and your unpaid invoices threaten to damage your cash flow?

No matter whether your problem is temporary or permanent, STA has the expert resources and systems to step in and provide the solution. Acting in your name, your customers will be unaware that you have outsourced your credit control, and your cash flow will again be positive. It is simple to put into action, it is seamless, and it is not expensive. We work right now for SMEs, blue-chip, and the public sector, managing both commercial and consumer ledgers, home, and overseas.

By outsourcing your credit control, you automatically gain access to our debt collection services at no extra cost.

Order To Cash (O2C)

End-to-end credit control or individual elements on demand. Whatever suits your needs.

About STA

The benefits of outsourcing credit control

  • Confidential: seamless credit control, all of it conducted in your name
  • Outsourcing: provides 52 weeks a year continuous cash flow management
  • Negotiation: educating your customers to pay on time, every time
  • Formulaic: structured, timely and consistent credit control
  • Improvement: enhancing your customers’ experience, increasing loyalty
  • Discerning: perceptive credit controllers with keen insight and good judgement
  • Expertise: credit control is our core business, leaving you to focus on your core business
  • Numeracy: DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) measures performance, giving you control
  • Trustworthy: recognising we must protect your reputation
  • Implicit: increasing your access to cash, reducing your cost of borrowing
  • Accountable: our every action available to you on ‘Your Receivables Online’
  • Leverage: we transfer non-payers to debt collection in our name, at no extra cost to you

Confidential Credit Control includes:

Since STA International took over our cash collection activities we have seen a marked improvement in our aged debt profile. They are very professional in their approach and take great pride in a job well done. Their ledger management system is second to none and enables them to report progress instantaneously and forms a sound basis for a regular view of any issues. They have also worked hard to understand our business and make the interface between themselves and our customer appear seamless

– Confidential Service – Client name withheld

Frequently Asked Questions

DSO stands for Days Sales Outstanding and is the industry standard for measuring the average number of days it takes a company to collect payment after a sale
No. We collaborate with companies of all sizes in many different industries to improve their cash flow and reduce DSO
All payments are direct to your bank account, not ours
No. All of our communication with your customers will be in your name, providing consistency and transparency
Our customer-focused approach will help to improve relationships with your customers, rather than negatively affecting them. Over time, we help to educate your customers to pay faster
Your Receivables Online keeps you to date with all of our credit control activities, and report monthly on KPIs
We price outsourced credit control service according to the number of customers and invoices you have in an average month. Contact us on 01622 600 901 or complete the form below for a free quote today.

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