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Birmingham, Cheltenham, London, and Manchester hosted discussion forums during November and December, where thankfully you came in your numbers:


Agenda topics were many and varied, but topmost were:

  • Postgraduate loan impacts and solutions.
  • Challenges around collecting accommodation debt.
  • SLC clawbacks and reconciliations.
  • US federal loans.
  • Training and development.
  • Degree apprenticeships.
  • Recurring card payments versus direct debits.
  • Enforcing Judgment debt.

For nearly ten years, STA has facilitated the forums, where a tried and tested format remains the same: a morning session of discussion with topics introduced, in advance, by those in attendance. Lunch follows, where one-to-one conversations continue informally, finishing by 3 p.m.

The next round of forums take place in June:

Tuesday 19th June – Birmingham
Thursday 21st June – Manchester
Tuesday 26th June – London
Thursday 28th June – Cheltenham

If you are involved in income, credit control, treasury, or the broader finance team, and have not attended before, please contact Neill MacKinnon, Client Services Director, neill.mackinnon@staonline.com for more information.

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