My day started quietly absorbed in the final draft of the new recruitment and training documents. The ping of a new email arriving in my inbox broke the silence. It was from Jan Baker, our Operations Director, and the subject: Webinar/Digital Training. Innocent enough you might think! I am not the most tech-savvy person (just the other day I discovered that I could listen to books on the Kindle I have had since 2011) but I am also not one to shrink from a challenge and threw myself enthusiastically into the project.

As the level of quality and compliance for our industry continues to increase, so the demand for job specific, annual compliance and refresher training grows. Our consumer collectors undergo a comprehensive programme of training and must pass all competency testing before they are ready to start collecting. There are three separate modules with multiple courses: 6 for Legislation and Compliance, 10 for Consumer Collections, and 6 for Trace, Legal and Overseas Agent Referral. We aim to provide a ‘less classroom time more knowledge’ learning experience for our recruits.

To successfully schedule, keep updated training records, and record the competency testing results; we needed something more than a couple of spreadsheets and email, we needed a digital solution!

Fast forward to February 2018; enter the STA Learning Hub.
With the help of my colleague Becky Monk, we are about to launch our first online training course complete with auto-scheduling, PowerPoint, and competency testing. It is early days, and we still have audio and video recording (I am recruiting for a body double if anyone is interested!), creating catalogues and groups, reports, bulletins and Webhooks to explore.

Although our journey has only just begun, it is set to revolutionise the way we deliver training at STA, promising exciting times ahead.

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