Spanning 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, the student collections team alternate 8-4 and 12-8 shifts for optimal contact time with students. The dialler complements contact time giving you maximum connect time; alerting collectors only when your student is available for payment negotiation to start.

Each call meets regulatory standards, with communication clear, concise and fair and, if your student is vulnerable, with sympathy and support. Collaboration beats conflict every time, protecting your reputation without hindering recovery success, witness the £14.4M of student debt collected in 2017.

We treat home and international students alike, always seeking to settle amicably, minimising the need for legal action, with its extra cost and extended collection time. Price is also a factor when recovering from international students, where overseas agents charge more than us, but fortunately, 83% of global recoveries result from the team’s efforts here in the UK. Effectively, you face the extra charges only once in every five international cases placed with us.

Strict guidelines mean the team faces ongoing coaching to meet compliance demands; they must protect your reputation, and treat your customers fairly. The team may be ‘process driven’ but robots on autocue they are not. Their job satisfaction comes from solving your customer’s problems and concerns; the team is as happy as you are when they achieve this goal.

Your appointed collector lets you know if we need additional information, or when your student raises a query and ‘Your Debts Online’ tells you what is happening on every account you place with us for collection.

Collector bio

Sarah started at STA in 2012 as a temp in our tracing division. Her Open University study commitments made full-time work impossible; but when the opportunity to collect student debt in the evenings came along, Sarah took it.

Her 2.1 in English Literature secured, she reviewed her ambition of teaching English, choosing instead to repay STAs loyalty, do full-time collecting, and make a career in the private sector. Sarah knows many of you, and loves her interaction with clients and customers alike; building relationships and solving problems giving her the job satisfaction she seeks.

Sarah lives with her fiancée in the lovely Cathedral city of Rochester, enjoying their first home together.

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