Corporate Collector Accreditation Initiative (CAI)

In June 2013 STA was awarded Corporate CAI by the Credit Services Association.

The Collector Accreditation Initiative (CAI) assesses each collector’s understanding of the regulatory, legislative and compliance framework covering, among other things, the following areas:

• OFT Guidance on Unfair Debt Collection Practice
• Treating Customers Fairly
• Lending Standards Board –The Lending Code
• FOS – Dispute Resolution Guidance
• Data Protection Act 1998
• The Consumer Credit Act 1974

Our training manager regularly assesses collectors as part of STAs compliance strategy. This ongoing training helped our collectors to prove their knowledge and competency and make the CAI standard. To get Corporate Accreditation a company must have at least 75% of its collectors meet the standard, and STA has achieved this level.

In their award notice to us, the CSA wrote: “On behalf of the Credit Services Association, I am delighted to be in a position to formally congratulate STA International Ltd on gaining CAI ‘Company Accreditation’ status regarding this industry-wide accolade. This status demonstrates the professional standard of your collectors and organisation, benchmarked against the highest industry standards.”